Monday, September 14, 2009

Little Ladybug!!!

I made the most adorable lady bug costume for my 15 month old. I am getting so many compliments on it and have been told by numerous people to sell them. So here goes...

Red and Black tutu adorned with a black bow and red flower sprinkled with black pom-pom polka dots. Also, included are the red and black ladybug wings and antennas. I can make the costume for all ages, newborn and up.

For my little girl I am purchasing the red sparkly shoes from Target, black tights, and a black leotard(I am able to get a great deal on long sleeve or short sleeve leotards, size xxs-xl, if you are interested for an additional $15)

From 16

From Adisten's Closet

From Adisten's Closet

From Adisten's Closet

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  1. super cute do you have a location were we can go buy tutu's?